Why Computer Business Solutions Made Polycloud Their First Choice.

An established IT services provider with more than three decades of experience, Computer Business Solutions, Inc. provides small and medium-sized businesses with all the tools they need to compete, grow, and succeed.

The experts at CBSi combine exceptionally high levels of tech education with industry-leading solutions — and they’ve made Polycloud their first (and only) choice for backup cloud storage.

CBSi At a Glance:

Years in Business: 32
Number of Customers: ~200
Services Provided: Comprehensive IT services
Average Amount of Data Stored per Customer: ~10TB

In this case study, President Jamie Stapleton provides some insight into CBSi’s decision to trust Polycloud with their clients’ data after a short introduction to the CrowdStorage team by agents at Telarus.

An Easy-to-Use Backup.

The goal behind every service that CBSi offers is to simplify clients’ lives and workloads.

Ease of use is a top priority for Polycloud. In fact, the CrowdStorage team made backing up data — regardless of file type or size — so simple and straightforward that CBSi decided this was definitely the product for them (and their customers).

“Their solution is so easy to implement. A lot of the customers that we’ve moved over to CrowdStorage had tried to get S3 up and running and couldn’t do it. CrowdStorage made it work.”

~Jamie Stapleton, president, CBSi

Every part of the setup process worked exactly the way it was advertised. The CrowdStorage team went above and beyond CBSi expectations in helping address any specific needs or issues and the “set it and forget it” model meant that once storage space was configured, the CBSi team really had nothing further to do to maintain it.

An Unbeatable Price Point.

Like any other B2B business, part of helping CBSi’s role in helping their customers stay competitive and grow is improving their return on investment. Polycloud’s unbeatably low price point — paired with the quality and ease of use of the service it offered — made it a no-brainer for the Computer Business Solutions team.

“At this point in the game, we’re recommending CrowdStorage as our only cloud back-up vendor”

~Jamie Stapleton, president, CBSi

In fact, Stapleton says his first thought upon hearing about Polycloud technology was being utterly impressed that the CrowdStorage team could offer a solution like Polycloud at such a low price point.

A Relationship Built on Trust

CBSi was introduced to the Polycloud team through Telarus — a trusted master agent dedicated to seeking out the best technology solutions. Telarus’ endorsement provided a solid footing for the relationship between CBSi and Polycloud. And Colby and the rest of the CrowdStorage team made sure to continue building on that trust — making themselves available where and whenever the CBSi team needed their expertise.

“When I need a technical resource to help a guy with backing up, say, his [Acronis] back-up server to CrowdStorage or I need technical assistance with getting a guy to back-up his Unitrends Server to CrowdStorage, you know, Colby doesn’t hesitate to make Jacob available and make it happen.”

~Jamie Stapleton, president, CBSi

The experts behind Polycloud actually stand behind the product they offer — a relationship service providers simply won’t get from big cloud providers like AWS.

Polycloud: Cloud Storage Done Better.

Polycloud’s affordable, accessible cloud storage, reliable service and low price point make Polycloud the perfect cloud solution for everyone. If you would like to learn more about how to get started with Polycloud, reach out to our team for more information — or sign up today.