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From small retail shops to large enterprises, video surveillance is becoming increasingly important for businesses.

Recognized Value.

Video surveillance is often used to keep a recording of events across a company’s many different locations, as well as to improve operations using real-time data analytics. It’s even used by police officers to record their daily activities using bodycams.

In these situations, high image quality and video analytics are allowing companies to capture more usable content and analyze video in real time.

Whether you’re a business owner, a surveillance system installer, or a software provider who needs more cloud storage for your video files, cloud-based storage options like Polycloud provide security, durability, and endless storage space for your data.

While the value of video surveillance is clear, the increase in demand has also increased its cost. Apart from buying and installing the equipment, the ongoing costs of online video storage and performing analytics on the footage are significant. And since some businesses require storing archive video from one month to several years, data storage costs can quickly expand.

Thankfully, Polycloud has one of the lowest video surveillance storage prices on the market. We can reduce the ongoing cost of storing video footage by approximately 85 percent compared to other options available. With most cloud storage solutions, you not only have to pay to store the data, you pay additional fees associated with reading and writing your data. These fees can feel hidden and are often costly. But with Polycloud, you only pay for storing your data. That means no extra charges for putting your video surveillance data into our system, and no extra charges when you view it.

It may seem easier in the short-term to store your video files on-premises. But relying solely on your NVR or your video camera’s internal storage isn’t the best long-term solution. Equipment breaks, footage gets stolen, and continually adding more storage hardware to hold your growing amount of video surveillance data takes time away from running your company.

Businesses who want to run analytics on their video surveillance data often need to first use Amazon Simple Storage Solution (S3). But they then get charged an egress fee if they want to store that data outside of Amazon Web Services (AWS). CrowdStorage has set up a Direct Connect with AWS, which lowers the cost of moving your data to Polycloud. From there, we can easily set up your account so you can optimize the computing power of AWS while still taking advantage of Polycloud’s low-cost storage.

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