It’s your job to keep your customers safe—that includes keeping their data safe as well.

Customer Safety First.

Whether you’re storing video surveillance footage, IoT data, or other sensitive information, you need a data storage system that keeps those files safe and secure while still being accessible to your customers at all times.

Polycloud by CrowdStorage provides a state-of-the-art encryption that ensures data security for you and your customers.

By splitting your security files into multiple redundant pieces—like a digital jigsaw puzzle—and geographically dispersing them on our distributed cloud storage network, you can ensure complete data security to your customers. Since no single device or data center holds a complete and readable piece of data, only those with the right permissions can access the full file. That way, your customer’s private data will always stay safe, private, and out of the hands of unwanted parties.

A Scalable Data Storage Solution for Far Less than the Competitors

At only $0.004 per GB per month or $4 per TB per month, Polycloud provides an affordable data storage solution for security providers. With no egress or API fees, you can easily and accurately calculate your monthly storage costs. That means no extra charges for adding data to our system, and no extra charges when you or your customer needs to access a file.

And since you never know how long you’ll need to store your security data, Polycloud is the perfect storage solution for your archival security needs. Our pricing stays the same whether we’re storing your customer’s hot or cold data—it’s all just data to us.

Your customers trust you to keep their property, employees, and loved ones safe and secure. Let CrowdStorage take care of the data security aspect. That way, you can keep your full attention on providing the best overall security experience to your customers.

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