As an MSP/IT provider, your customers expect a lot. You need to keep the IT side of their operation running smoothly 24/7, keep valuable data assets safe from prying eyes and malicious actors, while also making sure their files are always accessible—and all at an affordable price. That’s where CrowdStorage comes in.

Distribute Your Data.

By splitting your MSP/IT files into multiple redundant pieces—like a digital jigsaw puzzle—and geographically dispersing them on our distributed cloud storage network, we make sure your customer’s private data stays private.

Since no single location ever holds a complete piece of your IT customer’s data, no hacker, malware, or natural disaster can compromise day-to-day operations.

Your customer’s data is valuable. Malicious actors are constantly targeting companies with weak data security—holding their data for ransom or selling it to the highest bidder. Mitigate this risk by having a secure offsite backup in place before you and your clients become victims of a data breach. Polycloud and our state-of-the-art file encryption technology ensure all of your data is backed up securely across multiple locations and safe from outside threats.

Deliver Class-Leading IT Data Security for Far Less

Your customers most likely understand the need for offsite backups, but the costs of data backups can give them sticker shock. At only $0.004 per GB per month or $4 per TB per month, Polycloud has a more affordable and predictable pricing than other leading cloud storage providers—providing you and your customers with a hot storage solution at cold storage prices.

With no egress or API fees, you’ll never be penalized if you need to access your customer’s data. And since we treat both hot and cold data the same, you don’t have to wait to access your own files—all of your customer’s data is always instantly available.

Polycloud also seamlessly integrates your MSP/IT system’s backup and archive tools with our S3 API compatible network—keeping your customer’s vital data secure no matter where your physical office is located. Let CrowdStorage keep your MSP/IT data backed up and secure so you can focus on keeping your own operation running smoothly.

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