Academic research provides essential insights into our world—and data storage ensures we never lose that knowledge.

Research and Academia.

Recent advancements in tech have made academic research easier and more insightful than ever. That data needs to be stored safely and securely for future generations and be accessible by institutions across the globe. That’s where CrowdStorage comes in.

If your academic institution or research team is still storing files on external hard drives, your research could easily be lost. Don’t lose all of your hard work and risk having to replicate experiments due to poor data storage practices.

Polycloud from CrowdStorage keeps your valuable research safe and backed up, ensuring all of your team’s hard work is always secure. Our distributed storage solution gives academic institutions an affordable cloud storage option while also keeping all of your files instantly accessible—that means not paying to access your own research, like other providers require.

By splitting your research files into multiple redundant pieces—like a digital jigsaw puzzle—and geographically dispersing them on our distributed cloud storage network, we make sure your data stays safe and private.

Next-Gen Research Data Storage for Next to Nothing

During research, every piece of data is valuable. But storing all of that research can become pricey, forcing many institutions to choose between saving their budget and saving their data. But with Polycloud, you don’t have to choose one or the other.

Backing up and storing your data on Polycloud and its growing community of users only costs $0.004 per GB per month, or $4 per TB per month. Without any egress or retrieval fees, your research is immediately available anytime you need access.

Our predictable pricing structure ensures you always know how much you’ll pay to safely store your growing datasets. Polycloud from Crowdstorage provides peace of mind that your research will be safe and secure no matter what.

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