Data Backup.

You need a cloud backup solution that keeps your files safe and secure in the case of an emergency where your primary data source fails. Using the cloud allows your data to be safely stored and quickly accessed if needed.

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Because you’ll need immediate access to your data in emergency situations, it can be difficult to determine what type of cloud storage class you should use.

Archiving can seem like an attractive solution at first glance, but the slow data recovery timeline prohibits it from being a viable backup solution for most businesses. Amazon’s archival storage class takes anywhere from 3-12 hours for you to get access to your data—and you’ll only get portions of that data.

You might consider using an infrequent access solution as your preferred storage class, but it’s difficult to estimate the actual costs until you’re already using their cloud storage service. Amazon’s price for infrequent access is $0.012 per GB per month, plus an additional charge for retrieving and deleting your data. Considering you may not know exactly how often you will need to read or delete your data , Amazon’s cloud storage may not be your best data backup solution.

Polycloud offers an easy to understand backup solution. Polycloud data backup only costs $0.004 per GB per month. That’s the only fee you’ll ever be charged. Your data is also immediately available anytime you need access, making it a low-cost solution but with similar performance to leading high-cost providers. In other words, Polycloud is an ideal backup solution for businesses.

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