Data Archive.

Archival data is typically considered data that doesn’t need to be used for your business’s daily operations, but that still needs to be stored safely somewhere.

Cloud Data Storage Keeps Your Library Safe.

You may be adhering to industry regulations around storing your data for a designated period of time, or following your own data backup strategy.

Whatever the reason, there’s little to no expectation that archival data will need to be retrieved in the foreseeable future. Your company may be following a set data retention period and you need to keep track of the costs associated with their different data archival needs.

Other archive data storage companies charge an egress and retrieval fee, making monthly budgeting nearly impossible. For example, Amazon’s Glacier pricing is $0.004 per GB per month (which is much lower than S3’s $0.023 per GB per month). But their low pricing comes with other “hidden” fees such as charging for retrieval and egress.

Their egress fees can cost $0.05 to $0.09 per GB, almost ten times Amazon’s monthly storage fee. And depending on how fast you’d like to recover your data, retrieval fees can cost up to $0.03 per GB. Unless you pay extra (at least $0.01 per GB) you’d have to wait 3-12 hours to access your own data.

At only $4 per TB per month or $0.004 per GB per month, Polycloud is a simple and cost effective data archiving solution. And unlike other data storage platforms, there are no other egress or retrieval fees to access your data; your data is free to access and ready to download anytime.

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