With a distributed cloud storage system trusted across a 1,000,000+ community of active users, CrowdStorage has created an innovative data storage architecture that provides an easy-to-use experience without sacrificing security and affordability. Don’t make your company’s data a second priority—connect to the CrowdStorage community today to keep your most important assets safe and sound.

Use Case

Do you need more data storage space to keep up with industry demands? Or maybe you need a data storage system that can grow right along with your startup? From SMBs and home offices, to enterprise-level companies working with more data than they know how to analyze, CrowdStorage and its distributed storage system keeps your data storage strategy simple. That way, you can focus on your business.


Don’t lose potentially valuable digital surveillance video because of large file sizes.

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Accidents happen—keep a backup of your data safe in the cloud in case your physical devices fail.

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You never know when you’ll need to deep dive into your archives—get access to your hot and cold data at a moment’s notice.

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Enterprise-level companies like Vivint have already successfully integrated CrowdStorage into their daily data practices: 

“We use CrowdStorage to store petabytes of data. They’ve helped us capture significant savings compared to using S3 while having similar performance.”

With more than one million users storing content on our system, 10 petabytes of data uploaded and stored monthly, and 4 billion objects uploaded and stored monthly, Crowdstorage has already proven to be a cloud storage powerhouse.


Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur, a family-run business, or a large corporation, you need a strong data storage strategy in place well before you run out of room on your physical drive. Our cloud-based data storage system lets you have as much storage space as you need—and gives you room to grow.


Keep your sensitive data safe from prying eyes.

MSP / IT Services

Improve business operations without sacrificing performance.


Don’t let complicated storage systems take time away from learning.

Join our growing community.