Next-generation data storage is here. Multi-region, multi-provider, S3 API compatible.

We’ve built an enterprise-grade distributed data storage solution that’s more affordable than traditional cloud storage. Storing fractions of your files via multiple cloud providers means more security, privacy, availability, built-in data redundancy, and geographic distribution. Get increased protection from events that disrupt traditional data centers and more robust storage for your critical information.

Creating a new class of reliability.

Polycloud is a new breed of robust storage for your business’s most important data. Protect your data with a scalable solution that costs far less than the competitors.

Enhanced Privacy

Using name-brand cloud providers, your data is encrypted, sliced into pieces, and distributed among multiple clouds. No single provider holds all your data and they won’t be able to see it.

Greater Availability

Most providers only commit to 99.9% uptime—which equates to roughly 40 minutes of downtime a month. By storing data redundantly across multiple providers, Polycloud delivers much better uptime.

Improved Durability

Polycloud also distributes your data to providers in multiple geographic regions for extra durability and protection—without any extra fees.

Lower Cost

Why pay more for the features your business needs? Get better performing object storage and pay less than you would from a traditional cloud provider.

Next-Gen Storage for Next to Nothing

Polycloud Storage $4 per TB

Two Pricing Tiers

Polycloud Hot Storage $12 per TB

Almost half the price of Amazon S3

Polycloud Archive Storage $2 per TB

Instantaneously available

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