Crowdstorage Backup

for My Cloud Home
CrowdStorage backup is low-cost cloud storage that keeps your data safe and secure.

Your life is digital. Photos, videos, files—some of your most important documents—it’s nearly all stored digitally.

My Cloud Home helps you backup your most important documents. But things happen and devices fail. CrowdStorage protects the data on your My Cloud Home if and when that happens. Our distributed storage solution allows you to back up all your important data and keep it safe and secure.


More Storage. Less Price.
Cost to backup 1 TB per year:


Up to 1 TB

Google Drive

15 GB Free


2 GB Free


5 GB Free
Backing up with CrowdStorage can save you over $100 per year!

With no massive data center to maintain, you get super-fast data access, unmatched security, and incredibly cheap backup.




Weekly Backup

Good for small amounts and just-in-case backups

Weekly backups

Up to 1 TB

Pause/resume backups



Daily Unlimited Backup

Best for faster and larger backups

Daily backups

Unlimited backup size

Pause/resume backups

User initiated backups

Faster uploads and downloads

How CrowdStorage works.

Our community of users share unused space on their storage devices to build a distributed storage network—transfer, store, and back up your files with more safety, security, and at a much lower cost.

Set Up

Sign up, connect our app to your My Cloud Home, and your data will be automatically backed up.


Encrypt & Fragment

Your data is intelligently encrypted on your My Cloud Home and sliced into tiny pieces that only you can put back together.


Community Distribution

The encrypted data pieces are scattered across our community of users, using small portions of our member’s unused hard drive space.


Secure Long-Term Storage

Multiple copies of these fragmented pieces are stored in redundancy across the network, ensuring your data is always available.


Signing up for CrowdStorage Backup is easy.

We’ve made it simple to start backing up and protecting your My Cloud Home device. Follow these 4 steps.

1. Sign into My Cloud Home

Sign into your account at or open the My Cloud Home app on your mobile device.

2. Click the Do More Button

Select Do More in the main navigation in the top left.

3. Click the Crowdstorage Backup App

The CrowdStorage backup application will be listed among other apps. Select it.

4. Enable and Configure

Follow instructions in dialog box to configure and enable CrowdStorage backups of your My Cloud Home device.
CrowdStorage backup is industry proven.

CrowdStorage backup has already been put to the test in commercial applications.

  • 900,000+ customers storing content
  • 200,000+ devices storing data
  • 10 Petabytes of data stored



Join our growing community.