How Call One Cut Storage Costs in Half with Polycloud.

Formerly a traditional telecommunications provider, Call One realized five years ago that digital communications was the way forward.

They quickly transitioned to the world of digital communications and network management services, assisting clients across a wide range of verticals. As one of a limited number of Unified Communications-as-a-Service providers in the US that can provide regulatory compliance for government agencies, emergency response teams and health care organizations, they have unique cloud storage needs.

Call One At a Glance:

Years in Business: 29
Number of Employees: 110
Services Provided: Next-generation telecommunications and network management

In this case study, Director of IT Joe Johnson provides some insight into why Call One made Polycloud their number one choice for backup and recovery.

A Unique Use Case.

Unlike other B2B Polycloud customers, Call One doesn’t sell storage space to their clients. Because of their role in providing UCaaS services to government agencies and health care organizations, keeping backup copies of legacy documents is a critical aspect of their operations.

The data Call One stores in the cloud includes historical data that lets their clients monitor usage trends and ensure their compliance with industry and government regulations. It is seldom accessed, but losing that data would be catastrophic for their business.

Call One was ensuring the durability of their business-critical data using a combination of cloud storage (AWS and Azure) and colocation. But when they first heard about Polycloud, they knew they had to learn more.

Because Polycloud is based on S3 APIs, everything that Call One did with AWS was possible with Polycloud — no complications, no delays, no steep learning curve.

“It was really, really fast. Since it is all S3 compatible, all I had to do was change out the end points we were sending data to and it was done.”

~Joe Johnson, Director of IT, Call One

Significant Cost Savings.

While ease of use was a big selling point for Call One when they first began using Polycloud, the cost savings they realized after the transition were a significant bonus. Without sacrificing quality or functionality, Call One was able to cut storage costs by between 45% and 50% — a tremendous savings on an indispensable part of their business.

“Most of what we’re storing there is primarily dedicated to that one time every five years someone needs something, not necessarily everyday access. Those types of things are a must-do but also an “I don’t really want to do,” type thing. So anything we can do to reduce costs there is huge.”

~Joe Johnson, Director of IT, Call One

This unexpected benefit has prompted Call One to replace all other public cloud storage solutions with Polycloud, and is helping them increase profits and grow their business, without compromising on the valuable service they provide to their customers.

Polycloud: Superior Cloud Storage

The accessibility, reliability and affordability of Polycloud — combined with the CrowdStorage team’s unbeatable customer service — makes Polycloud the perfect backup and disaster recovery solution for individuals and businesses of all shapes and sizes. Want to know more about Polycloud? Get in touch with the experts at CrowdStorage today.