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Polycloud is an object storage service that offers secure and private data storage with immediate access and high reliability. It’s more affordable than traditional cloud storage and provides increased protection from events that disrupt traditional data centers.

First, you can save money on your data storage. Our service is similar to the object storage provided by Amazon (AWS S3), Google Cloud Platform Storage, and Microsoft Azure Blob Storage. Just at a much lower cost. Polycloud supports applications and programs that can use an object storage solution for data storage. Polycloud has the performance characteristics of hot storage (immediately available, fast speeds, etc.) but for the low price usually only found with cold storage.

It’s easy to start using Polycloud. First, sign up here on our website. Once you’ve signed up, you need to create a bucket—a bucket is like a folder where you can store your data. After your bucket is created, you can use our website’s interface to upload data. Or you can use our S3 API to connect any application you’re already using to start accessing Polycloud.

Yes. Once you sign up to Polycloud, you will get access to the URL, key, and secret you need to use the S3 API.

Polycloud should work with any program that uses an S3 compatible API. We have verified this and created setup instructions for various programs that we are compatible with. Go to https://polycloud.crowdstorage.com/guides to get the latest list of programs and directions on connecting to Polycloud.

Pricing for Polycloud is only $0.004 per GB per month. There are no egress or API fees as long as you do not egress more than 100% of your data during the month. If you do egress more than 100% of the amount of data you have stored then you will only be charged $0.01 per GB for any overages. (See also minimum storage retention time FAQ)

Polycloud only offers a single tier of cloud storage. Hot storage is offered at the same price as cold storage. This means that your data is always available for use, and costs you only $0.004 per GB per month to store.

The unique architecture of the Polycloud storage solution ensures it performs on par with or better than competing object storage solutions in terms of durability, availability, and security.

The ultimate destination for all Polycloud data is our distributed network, which is composed of NAS devices in consumer and business locations. But we often stage data within a more traditional cloud environment while we manage the flow of data into and out of the network.

Polycloud has a 90 day minimum storage time. This means that if you delete an object that has been stored for less than 90 days you will be charged an early deletion fee which will be equal to 90 days minus the number of days already stored times the daily per GB price of storage.

Polycloud uses state-of-the-art encryption to ensure your data is safe and secure. Your data is also spread out across our distributed network. This means that with our 20/40 encoding scheme, a malicious attacker would need to physically access 20 different nodes within our network of almost 300,000 devices. Then, they then would have to break the state-of-the-art encryption of each individual piece of the object. Even if they were successful to this point, they would have to repeat the process with an entirely different set of 20 devices to obtain a second file of your data. Unlike a data center, there is no centralized repository of data to target, giving our distributed network an added layer of security.

No. Your data is kept private and secure by encrypting it and breaking it into pieces before distributing it across the network.

Yes, you can use Polycloud for either hot or cold storage. Even though Polycloud has the pricing of cold storage, it has the same performance as hot storage.

Yes, Polycloud is GDPR compliant. Also, we do not actively collect or otherwise process special categories of personal data as identified in the EU General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”).

Personal data stored on behalf of our customers, clients, clients’ customers, users, and for our own purposes is processed and stored on servers located across the United States.

In the event that personal data is transferred outside of the United States, we implement adequate protections, such as Standard Contractual Clauses, that comply with the GDPR. We require third-party services providers that process personal data on our behalf to likewise comply with GDPR requirements, including for data transfers.

Polycloud is 100% AWS S3 bit-compatible. If you’re used to using an S3 API, you can access Polycloud using the same API. Polycloud also has a web interface that you can use if you prefer.

Yes, you can use Polycloud to store the primary or secondary copy of your data. Since it’s safer to store each copy in a different location, Polycloud is a secure, private, and reliable way to store one of your data copies.

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