Polycloud Partner Program for Value Added Resellers

Become a Polycloud/CrowdStorage Partner and unlock more margin from your cloud storage solutions.

Value Added Resellers love CrowdStorage

Polycloud is an innovative alternative to traditional cloud storage for your backup system that will help you meet your customers’ demands. Polycloud’s distributed cloud storage is reliable and efficient and will help you deliver superior services at a lower cost with a higher margin for you.

Deliver Reliable Cloud Storage.

Polycloud is the best alternative to the leading cloud storage providers with greater than 99.999999999% durability and 99.99% availability.

Boost Your Margin.

Polycloud costs 85% less than the leading cloud service provider so you can offer competitive solutions and set your own pricing. Plus, you can earn an additional commission when you sign new customers.

Differentiate to Win New Business.

Capture the growing market for sustainable business practices. Polycloud doesn’t build carbon-intensive data centers. Instead, we distribute data securely to connected devices that already exist.

What is Polycloud?

The unique Polycloud architecture utilizes extra space on connected devices to build a secure, reliable, global network of shared storage in the cloud. This distributed space provides the durability, performance, and availability of a traditional cloud storage provider without the high costs.



Redundant and geographic distribution of data designed for greater than 99.999999999% object durability so you can avoid disruption from events that affect traditional data centers.


Immediate access and high-speed streaming capability with 99.99% availability.


State-of-the-art encryption and a distributed data repository provides unparalleled security.


Pay 85% less for cloud storage and no fees for egress*, ops, or retrieval.

* Up to 100% of stored content can be retrieved without fees. See ‘Pricing’ FAQ for details.

Why Partner with Polycloud?

Our partner program equips you with the skills and tools you need to deliver our technologies and solutions to your customers.

Easy Setup.

Become a partner in just 10 minutes.

Earn Commission.

Earn commission for every new customer you move to Polycloud.

Customer Support.

White-glove 1st and 2nd tier support for partners ensures your people have a direct line to troubleshoot any issues.

Sales Engagement.

Get help with sales and pre-sales engagement and customer onboarding support.

Co-Marketing Support.

Access branded and co-branded materials to sell the benefits of crowd-sourced storage.

Polycloud Partner Program.

Join an easy, breezy cloud partnership where you call the shots. No long contracts, no vendor lock-in, and no hidden fees for egress, ops, or retrieval.

Polycloud for Managed Service Providers.

Cut your cloud storage costs by up to 85% and set your own pricing so you can earn high margins and still charge less than traditional cloud storage.

Polycloud for Value-Added Resellers.

Develop, deploy, and support Polycloud storage solutions alongside your other value-add storage components.

Let’s Disrupt Cloud Storage Together

Bring Polycloud to Your Customers and Boost Your Profits Today