How to Backup Your NAS to the Cloud

August 17, 2020

Why You Need To Backup Your NAS To The Cloud


Your NAS device is great for sharing data, but it shouldn’t be your only data backup solution. A lot of people use their NAS to store their data. But even with the data loss redundancies built-in, you’re still in danger of losing it all if it’s only backed up on that single device.

Your NAS device is ideal for easy data transfer between your devices—but as the NAS ages, the chances of a hard drive failure increase. If you want to know without a shadow of a doubt that your data is backed up and safe offsite, you need to backup your NAS to the cloud.

Hard drive failures are always a possibility no matter how many redundancies and security measures you have in place. Despite their name, hard drives can be surprisingly temperamental and delicate. Over time, heat, dust, shaking, or drops can cause your NAS’s internal systems to degrade or become unstable. Backing up your device’s data on the cloud prevents physical damage from wiping out your data completely. It’s a safety net that can bring you peace of mind should the worst happen to your NAS.

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Isn’t my NAS device already backing up my data?

Technically, yes. But not in the way you need it to. Small businesses, creative professionals, and families all use NAS devices to share files and information easily from different devices. And many versions offer RAID for additional protection. But what happens when your physical NAS is damaged? Even with that extra storage security, your data can still be in danger.

Think of you storing your data in the cloud like you storing your money in a bank. Would you store your entire life savings at home? No, you’d want it somewhere safe, but also accessible. Cloud storage keeps your data off-site, so should a fire, a burglary, or a hard drive failure happen, your most important data is still available.

Backup Your NAS To The Cloud For True Data Safety

NAS devices aren’t designed specifically for data security. They’re perfect for individuals and small businesses because it’s easy to share and access documents and files. But that same ease of use leads to security vulnerabilities. Partnering your NAS device with a security-driven cloud platform gives your data that extra layer of protection

If you have important data, you need to be taking all the necessary precautions to keep it backed up and secure. You should be using the popular 3-2-1 data backup strategy to diversify your data storage. This strategy recommends that you have three different data backups in at least two different data formats, and then store at least one of your backups in a different location.

Connecting your NAS device to the cloud is the perfect way to use the 3-2-1 strategy You’ll have your data in two different formats: your physical NAS device and the cloud storage platform of your choosing. Not only does the cloud fulfill the two different formats recommendation, it also helps you store one of those backups in a different location than your NAS device. Your backup will be stored on your NAS, and then also on the cloud provider’s servers. Once you connect your device to the cloud, you’re fulfilling the majority of the 3-2-1 strategy.

Why Backup Your NAS to CrowdStorage?

Security can be a large concern when you’re deciding whether to use cloud storage since you don’t truly know what security third-party platforms have in place. But CrowdStorage’s transparent distributed storage system ensures your NAS to cloud data backup has a high level of security. When you connect your NAS device to CrowdStorage’s cloud network, your data is encrypted, split into pieces, and then distributed among unused space across our community’s storage devices. This means that you and only you can put those puzzle pieces of data back together.

If you ever need to access your data remotely, having your NAS connected to CrowdStorage ensures access even if you’re away from home or your office. And because we’re using the unused space across our CrowdStorage community, our cloud service is much more affordable than other services that use massive data centers.

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How To Backup Your NAS Device To CrowdStorage’s Cloud

Currently, only Western Digital NAS device owners using My Cloud Home will be able to connect to CrowdStorage’s distributed storage community.

It’s easy to backup your NAS device to Crowdstorage’s distributed storage system:

1. Sign up for Crowdstorage’s service
2. Connect the app to your NAS storage device
3. Once connected, your device will be added to the distributed storage community and backups of your data will start automatically.

Consider what your data storage needs will be a few months or years out. As you grow your business, your storage space needs will grow too. Backing up your NAS to the cloud is an investment in your future business growth and a way to give you peace of mind that your data is always safe and secure.

Disclaimer: Crowdstorage’s device backup is currently only available to Western Digital NAS device owners.

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