Reliable. Affordable. Secure.

CrowdStorage is the innovative cloud solution that helps you store all your data with quick access and more reliability than traditional cloud storage.

How CrowdStorage’s unique architecture works.

CrowdStorage employs an innovative storage architecture that utilizes extra space on hard drives to build a network. By integrating this distributed space, CrowdStorage is able to provide the durability, performance, and availability of a traditional provider without the massive price tag.


An enterprise-level object storage solution for all your data. Get unmatched availability, security, and durability without the price traditional cloud storage solutions charge.

Device Backup

Protect your data from disasters and device failures—back up your device with more security and more storage space for your money.

The Benefits

Our distributed storage model offers some serious advantages over traditional cloud storage providers.

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Resiliency & Security

Your data is sliced, encrypted, and stored across different regions; offering improved protection and security while maintaining privacy.

Availability & Performance

CrowdStorage offers quick download speeds and easy access to your data, with less downtime than traditional cloud providers.

Affordable Storage

Our innovative distributed storage architecture means we have no expensive data centers to run—so you get low-priced storage for your data and backups.
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